Canon U.S.A. Offers New Solution to Help Organizations with Control and Tracking Documents that are Scanned to Email

MELVILLE, NY, September 3, 2020 – As organizations navigate through the new normal, it is vital for them to be equipped with solutions designed to help use security features while working with confidential business and customer information. Serving as a testament to its strong relationship with mxHero, Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, is excited to offer an email security option– mxHero Secure Scan-to-Email. This solution brings the power of mxHero’s Mail2Cloud platform to a user’s compatible multifunction printer (MFP) by replacing scan-to-email attachments sent from the MFP with a cloud storage link. mxHero Secure Scan-to-Email is exclusive to Canon MFPs, only available with imageRUNNER ADVANCE and supported imageCLASS devices.

When documents are scanned to email at the compatible MFP by users utilizing the device-native Universal Send functionality, uniFLOW, or Authorized Send, it is first routed with encryption to mxHero’s Secure Scan-to-Email service. Based on the user’s configuration, the service then automatically moves the scanned document to a user’s supported cloud storage service. Finally, an email with a cloud storage link is sent to the original destination of the scanned document to provide customers with a seamless tool to help streamline workflow and include security features during their usual scan-to-email process.

Designed to support employees who may be working remotely, as well as in the office, this solution helps with security and productivity by increasing control of and accessibility to scanned information. mxHero Secure Scan-to-Email solution takes advantage of a user’s compatible, existing cloud storage services to avoid the hassle of having to manage a separate repository.

mxHero Secure Scan-to-Email solution can help customers with security, controlling and tracking documents that are scanned to email from the compatible MFP. Benefits include:

  • Security Features: encrypted delivery of scanned documents.
  • Control: Limit and/or revoke access to scanned documents sent over email.
  • Tracking: The sender is notified in real-time when the recipient accesses the scanned documents.
  • Flexibility: Send scanned documents of up to 100 MB in size, without concern of traditional 10 MB email file size restrictions.
  • Easy Adoption: End users can scan documents to email as they always have with no confusion.
  • SMTP Relay: Provides SMTP relay continuity for devices to support forthcoming two-factor authentication requirements of Office 365 and Gsuite.

"In a time where it is imperative for organizations to stay connected and efficient while using security features, we are proud to offer our customers exclusive solutions, such as mxHero Secure Scan-to-Email, to help them evolve on their digital transformation journeys," said Shinichi Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A., Inc. "Canon is committed to delivering solutions with features designed to meet business and customer needs, and during these current times, this new development serves as a prime example."

mxHero Secure Scan-to-Email is available now through Canon’s authorized channel partners.

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