About Document Technologies / Managed IT Services

Document Technologies / Managed IT Services is an VoIP, IT and Office Technology sales and service organization. We offer the most innovative, productive, and reliable solutions from the finest manufacturers in the office technology industry. Our company follows Best Practices across all Office Technologies sectors.

How Our Office and Business Solutions Can Help You

We begin with a workflow analysis and then develop output solutions, including archiving and managing, unique to your business needs, budget, and short and long-term goals. We combine the best VoIP phone systems, IT hardware, software, IT managed services and Printing Devices available to improve your IT and document workflow management.

Why Document Technologies / Managed IT Services

No company is better positioned to help our customers utilize the potential of network and digital technology. Document Technologies / Managed IT Services is dedicated to being a company that is responsive to the needs of our customers. We pride ourselves on being faster, easier, and better than our competition. We won’t ask you to fit into our world because we know how to fit into yours.

It is our firm commitment to offer only the highest quality copiers and business phone systems; comprehensive service, IT consulting and providing exceptional customer care. Our growth is a direct result of our ability to live up to this commitment.

Office and Business Solutions We Offer

Document Technologies / Managed IT Services has become our customers’ “One Stop Shop” for office and business solutions. Just some of the solutions we offer our customers are:

New and Gently Used Copiers

Document Technologies / Managed IT Services offers both new and used copiers for sale, lease, and rent. Call us at (480) 237-7901 or (208) 508-2280 to discuss your business and the solutions that work best for you. Our Technology Consultants will work with you to find the best solution for your business.

IT Managed Services

Document Technologies Managed IT Services offers a variety of IT managed services. Whether you need an expert to manage your copiers and printers, need someone to design, maintain, repair, or upgrade your network or just need additional remote IT support for your in-house IT Department, we can help!

Document Management

Are you looking to manage your incoming and outgoing documents better? In a business, the document lifecycle begins when the document is created and ends when the document is either archived or deleted. We help you determine the most effective and efficient method using the best hardware, software, and cloud services available to manage the entire document lifecycle, helping your business save both time and money.

Print Fleet Management and Monitoring

Do you have a fleet of printers and copiers? Document Technologies / Managed IT Services is a leading provider of print fleet management and monitoring. We manage everything from service and supplies to strategic upgrades to help you improve your ROI and efficiency.

VoIP / Business Phone Systems

Are you looking to upgrade your business phone systems? Whether you are interested in adding new features or upgrade an existing old telephone system, Document Technologies / Managed IT Services is a preferred provider for top VoIP phone.