File & Document Management

File & Document Management

Document Technologies of Arizona is a leading expert in file and document management. Our document management solutions help our customers organize their businesses workflow, and drive efficiencies.

One of the most critical productivity issues any business encounters is File & Document Management – it can be one of the most significant bottlenecks in your business.

Paper is generated at every turn-- Purchase orders, invoices, accounts receivable and payable, human resources, payroll, marketing, sales – almost all departments generate a massive pile of paperwork. The ability to store a file digitally for security, backup and retrieval is critical in today’s business environment. Most documents require various levels of approval and get passed around from department to department. Often, if the documents make it, they are stored in file cabinets where they can easily get forgotten, or end up getting get lost or misplaced. We’ve all seen the piles that end up stacked in “In” or “Out” boxes awaiting the time to handle them.

The Document Management Solution

File and document management can make the entire system easier, more manageable, and result in fewer misplaced and lost documents.

Whether simple or sophisticated, automated file and document management systems can improve business efficiencies and increase productivity, security, and convenience. Document Technologies of Arizona is a leading expert in document and file management.

File & Document Management Services

Some of the File and Document Management Services Document Technologies of Arizona provides are:

  • Scanning Services
  • Cloud or Premise Based Document Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Software Integration
  • File & Document Protection
  • And more…

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