Managed IT Services

IT Managed Services Phoenix

With IT Managed Services, the expert IT staff and technicians at Document Technologies of Arizona are available to solve your IT issues whenever they appear. Our IT Managed Services team will find the solution whether it requires on-site support or can be resolved remotely and often reduces or eliminates the productivity issues all businesses face when dealing with technology problems.

IT Managed Services Expertise

At first, Document Technologies of Arizona was only a document technologies firm. We focused on copiers and printers. As these evolved and became networked, we found a need for someone to understand the entire network of the business. Often, when we installed the copier, we had to fix the company network so the business could take full advantage of the copier functions. Our clients started calling us for other IT needs – and our IT Managed Services division began. Our IT Managed Services division specifically helps small and mid-size businesses with their IT needs – whether it’s providing helpdesk and support as needed, acting as your IT department, or providing backup to an existing IT staff, Document Technologies of Arizona is there to help your business as it grows and through technology changes.

Importance of IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services with Document Technologies of Arizona can assist with the IT issues would otherwise require key personnel to stop working on business-critical activities to solve IT problems that pop up, such as helpdesk needs, email problems, installing or upgrading software, computer shutdowns, software glitches, service malfunctions, network and networking problems (disconnecting, communication errors, and connectivity problems), setting up new employee workstations, and more.

Typically, the person who is responsible for fixing all the IT problems is wearing multiple hats – and is responsible for more than just the basic IT services. Why not use their expertise to your advantage and have them focus on the strategic and profitable tasks critical to your success? The expert IT staff at Document Technologies of Arizona can take on your basic (and not so basic) IT needs.

We Get IT

– and we get your current office technology.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Maintain & monitor current environments
  • Plan & implement new initiatives & roll-outs
  • Set up & assist with collaboration tools
  • Set up & manage network security
  • Install & manage business continuity and backups
  • Provide helpdesk support

Additional IT Managed Services offered are:

  • Network Administration
  • Network Design
  • Network Installation
  • IT Consulting
  • Server Management
  • System Upgrades
  • Network Software Upgrades
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Computer Installation
  • Application Installation
  • Telephone Support
  • Network Hardware Testing

Why not consider IT Managed Services to solve your company’s IT needs? Call us at (480) 237-7901 or request a quote today!