3CX Phone Systems

3CX Phone Systems

Phone Systems Phoenix Companies Can Use to Unify Their Communications

Outshine your competition in the Phoenix market with the latest in Unified Communications, 3CX Phone Systems. This Windows-based solution replaces your hardware without any additional phone wiring. 3CX provides you with feature-rich phone systems in Phoenix that support most popular SIP phones, VoIP Phone Systems, and traditional PSTN lines. And, the web-based management console is easy to configure, removing the need for expensive maintenance.

Cost Effective Phone Solutions

Cost effective and cutting edge, 3CX Phone Systems are inexpensive to implement and/or expand. They come with a cloud services solution that is for every size company and a turnkey solution with no out-of-pocket expense. 3CX can be initiated and be taken live same day. Maintenance costs are also significantly lower than a proprietary PBX solution. 3CX phone systems do not require a specialized Engineer. Instead of replacing your existing IT server hardware and infrastructure, 3CX will be offsite in the Cloud and will never go down even if your internet goes down. With the mobile applications, it allows for all employees to be in constant connectivity to your business worldwide.

Feature Rich 3cx Phone Systems

Provide your customers with professional call center features at an affordable price. The full-feature systems easily integrate into other Windows-based applications such as your CRM or account software. You can expand it to enterprise-level features such as real-time queue and agent statistics, allow supervisors to listen-in to calls, and configure wrap-up time for each call. Employees benefit from mobility solutions; they can work anywhere with both iOS and Android clients.

Phoenix Phone Systems

3CX Unified Communications

Easily and automatically grant access to advanced unified communications features such as Presence, Instant Messaging, Fax, and Voicemail to Email, to your employees. You no longer have to learn or load another software, and you can eliminate voicemail tags, avoid unnecessary call transfers, forward voicemails and faxes to email, and send instant messages without a 3rd party messaging service.

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