Postage Meters

Postage Meters

Postage Meters in Phoenix, AZ

Document Technologies of Arizona offers a wide range of postage meters and mail machines for Phoenix, Arizona businesses of all sizes.

Postage Meter Choices & Meter Options

  • Choose to rent, lease or buy. You can choose the option that best fits your business
  • With FP’s OneBase Suite software, you can report and track postage by accounts and cost centers
  • Commercial grade scales are available and can calculate the postage for you
  • Easily update your mailing system with the latest USPS postal rates
  • Access best shipping rates on packages via USPS commercial pricing discounts


PostBase 30 PostBase 45 PostBase 65
Color Touchscreen Yes Yes Yes
Letter Thickness 10mm 10mm 10mm
Label Dispenser Yes Yes Yes
Letter Tray Yes Yes Yes
Moistener Optional Yes N/A – Handled by Feeder/Sealer
Automatic Feeder/Sealer Optional Yes
Processing Speed
Pieces per Minute
30 45 65
Integrated Scale 5lb (10lb or 15lb optional) 10lb (15 lb optional) 15lb
Differential Weighing Optional Optional Optional
External Scale (NTEP) Optional 30lb/70lb Optional 30lb/70lb Optional 30lb/70lb
High Speed Postage Download (LAN) Yes Yes Yes
Analog Modem Postage Download Optional Optional Optional
Departmental Security Yes Yes Yes
Portal Access Yes Yes Yes
RemoteOne (PC Control Software) Yes Yes Yes
ReportOne (Account Management) Optional Optional Optional
MailOne (Mail Management & Shipping) Optional Optional Optional
Accounts 5 (Optional 10/20/50/100/200) 20 (Optional 50/100/200) 50 (Optional 100/200)
Customizable Meter Advertisements 12 20 30
Presets (Shortcuts) 3 10 20
Free Standard Meter Advertisements Yes Yes Yes
Customizable SMS Text Messages 8 10 12

Learn More About Some of The Brands We Carry

PostBase 30, 45, 65 Postage Meters

Performance. Simplicity. Choices.

MyMail MAX Postage Meters

Compact. Convenient. Affordable.

MyMail Max Postage Meter Technical Specifications

Speed: 15 letters per minute Max Thickness: Up to 1/4″ Media Size: Postcard to 10”x13” flats Dimensions: 12” (W) x 7.3” (H) x 7.7” (D) Weight: 5.5lbs Print technology: HP Inkjet Postage Download: Analog phone line or internet-based Imprints per cartridge: Up to 2,000 (including endorsements) Scale: 5lb. integrated Accounts: 3 accounts (8 character alphanumeric) Endorsements: 6 predetermined Advertisements: Store up to 3 advertisements Memory Settings: 10 customer-programmed settings Power: 115V

Opitmail 30 Postage Meters

Simple. Affordable. Reliable.

Optimail 30 Postage Meter Technical Specifications

Speed: 30 letters per minute Max Thickness: Up to 1/4″ Media Size: Postcard to 10”x13” flats Dimensions: 12.6” (W) x 9.3” (H) x 11.4” (D) Weight: 13.5lbs Print technology: Thermal transfer Imprints per cartridge: Approx. 1,500 Scale: 10lb. integrated, up to70 lb. external Accounts: 9 Endorsements: 8 Advertisements: 6 user-programmable SMS texts Power: 115V Options: Sealer, interfaced scales, meter ads, letter tray, differential weighing