Retaining Talent: How To Keep Your Best Employees

At Document Technologies of Arizona, we’re not just a business technology company – we’re a business solutions provider. We value our employees and work to develop and retain the best talent in Phoenix, Arizona. The following are some tips to retaining the best talent and employees that we would like to share with you.

8 Signs an Employee Is Exceptional (Which Never Appear on Performance Evaluations)

A good employee is one who follows the procedures and processes, possibly putting up a good idea or two. A great employee is one who can think outside the box and tweak processes to improve the business. An exceptional employee thinks far beyond their job description – here are eight signs you have an exceptional employee that won’t show up on a performance evaluation.

It’s the Company’s Job to Help Employees Learn

In the past, the right employees were ones who could follow the rules and procedures, basically working as a machine. Now, the best employees are ones who can continue to learn new skills and expertise – even when it’s not directly linked to the current position. How can you do a better job fostering learning in your workplace?

7 Reasons Your Best Employees Are Quitting

Are you (or your managers) driving away your best employees? When you have found smart and talented employees and have invested time and money training them, the last thing you want to do is lose them. It’s easy for these people find a new job – but if they feel loyal to your company, they won’t leave. However, if you display any of these seven behaviors regularly, it’s likely only a matter of time before they’re gone.