Know What You Want From Your Office Copiers

To increase office productivity, it is a wise decision to invest in a good quality, multifunctional office copier. Before you make a large investment, the right research is beneficial. It is important that you buy office copiers only from authorized, accredited suppliers in Phoenix, AZ.

Know what you want from your office copiers

There are many copiers available in the market with different functions. This means there are several factors that you should consider before purchasing a copier. You will need to know the approximate quantity of document copies that will be produced daily. It’s also important to know if you need a color or black and white copier. There are certain specifications that are different as per copier and its scale of usage and application. Office copiers are divided into some basic categories on the basis of functionality and usage. The most common categories are as below:

  • Desktop Copiers
  • Workgroup Copiers
  • Departmental Copiers
  • Business Color Copiers
  • Production Copiers

Important tips in selecting office copiers

An office copier is a big investment, here are some tips to help your business choose the right office copier.

  1. See if your required functions are available in the copier.
  2. Inquire about printing speed. This depends on type of copier and can print from 20 to 105 copies per minute.
  3. If the scanning function is an important part of your business, know about the copier’s scanning speed.
  4. Print resolution and quality of printing should be checked if your work demands very high quality prints.
  5. Paper size is one of the most important factors as not all copiers support different paper sizes. If you regularly print on ledger paper, A4, legal-size, or larger, you will need to ensure your chosen office copier can support that print size.
  6. Copier printer capacity is important if your office has heavy copy work and requires a large capacity paper tray. This is a tray in the copier which holds unprinted papers (sheets) and every copier has its own paper holding capacity.

In conclusion, there are a number of other features that can help improve your office productivity, lower printing and copying costs, and improve your business bottom-line. To learn more about which features can help your business, give the copier experts at Document Technologies of Arizona a call at 480.237.7901 or fill out our online form.