Business Phone Systems: How An Expert Can Help

There is such a variety of business phone systems available that can be difficult to know where to start. Document Technologies of Arizona starts with talking to you about your business. While it’s important to know how many users and what features are required, it is more important to know how you and your employees use your phone system.

How Specific Phone Features Can Improve Your Business

When looking at business phone systems it is important to know what your business requirements are. However, working with a company that takes the time to understand your business may provide a better solution than just researching online. In addition, there are phone systems for businesses that can improve workflows, sales processes, and customer service, as well as provide tracking and oversight for management.

For example, if you have multiple phone numbers but don’t know where the calls are coming from, call tracking would allow your marketing department to understand which marketing efforts are providing the most calls. But with some business phone systems you can dig even deeper and see which calls are providing leads or clients.

Or, you can use call recording features to improve sales or customer support training. By reviewing calls that have turned into leads or clients and calls that have not, you can identify specific points where each sales representative can improve. For customer support, call recording can provide a starting point for training or can identify where problems lie.

Another great feature of newer phone systems is the ability to transfer a call from a standard office phone, to a softphone, to a cell phone with just a click of a button. For a mobile workforce, this feature can save time and money and provide better customer support than older or more traditional business phone systems.

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