Business Phone Systems for Sale: 3 Considerations

Finding business phone systems for sale is an easy endeavor. A quick Google or Bing search shows a number of office phones and business phone systems for sale. However, you need to consider what your business is actually getting with the purchase.

Equipment & Hardware

What you see with the business phone system is typically what one considers when searching for a business phone system for sale. Whether you are looking for standard office phones, cordless phones, or softphones, you can easily find these all online. But do you know if these phones will do what you want – or work with your current system?

Traditional Business Phone Systems

Traditional landlines typically require an on-premise (on-site) PBX phone system. This is hardware that allows for multiple extensions, call transferring, and call directories. These systems are often expensive and require professional maintenance.

VoIP Phone Systems

Instead of working over traditional phone lines, VoIP business phone systems use a high-speed internet connection. These can come complete with all the features your business wants and can be configured to your needs. However, if your internet isn’t reliable, this may not be the system for your business.

When looking at VoIP business phone systems for sale, you need to consider if you will self-host or if you want a cloud-based solution. A self-hosted phone system provides your business with more control, however, you are responsible for the maintenance and updates. A cloud-based phone system requires less maintenance by a business but there is less control and the monthly fees can be higher.

There are many considerations to keep in mind when looking at business phone systems for sale. A trusted expert, such as Document Technologies of Arizona, can help guide you to the right solution for your business. Call (480) 237-7901 or fill out our online form if you are ready to get started today.