Business Phone System for Small Business

Small businesses often struggle with the idea of investing in a business phone system. The enterprise level systems are expensive, while the more affordable ones don’t offer many features. Paying an additional monthly fee for the service and ‘renting’ the equipment can seem to be a waste.

Own Your Own Business Phone System for Small Business

There are other options. 3CX, a business phone system, is an ideal option for businesses of any size. It is a Windows-based software, which allows it to be run on hardware you likely already own. In addition, you can lease the software and phone equipment, which allows you to pay over time. At the end of the lease, you own the entire phone system.

Compared to other available business phone systems, 3CX has more standard features including call recording, call tracking, and transferring between mobile, softphone, and traditional business phones.

Consider Service for a Business Phone System for Small Business

One of the main considerations business owners need to make is the amount of service needed for the phone system. If you need any changes made or have any problems, who will help you? PBX and software-based phone systems may appear to need more service when compared to cloud-based systems. It is beneficial to have someone responsible for maintaining and updating the system. Cloud based phone systems for small businesses include the service costs for maintaining the system. When you own your own system, you are responsible for ensuring all software and hardware updates are made. This is when a service contract is particularly beneficial as small businesses rely on IT professionals who have limited time or knowledge on phone systems.

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