Business Phone Systems for Remote Employees

Working remotely can be difficult for managers and employees. There are tools companies can implement to make communication and collaboration easy. We have a number of business solutions that integrate your systems and communications.

It’s well known that job satisfaction increases when employees are allowed to work remotely – but there is a limit. After approximately 15 hours, job satisfaction decreases. According to a new survey by Gensler, the most innovative employees split their time between in-office and remote work. This survey found that the most productive and innovative division of time for employees is to spend 80% of their time in the office and the other 20% of their time working remotely.

Here are just a few ways the right business phone system can help you and your remote employees.

Business Communications

Business phone systems exist that will allow you and your employees to take calls on a traditional office phone, soft phone, through a computer, or on your mobile phone with the main business phone number. Taking phone calls from an office phone and transferring to a mobile phone is easy with a system app.

This allows employees to work from home or use their own mobile devices to take business calls without sharing their home or personal cell phone number.


When working remotely, one of the most difficult things can be collaborating with people on projects or getting the information you need in a timely matter. These systems integrate into your work day and include instant messaging, video chat, screen sharing, and more. This allows employees to share and get the information they need.


One of the best features of these phone systems is the ability to track phone calls and statistics from your sales and customer service teams. You can easily pull reports identifying who top representatives are, call statistics, lead sources, and more. Tracking your remote workers allows you to identify when they are working and how effective they are during this time.


There are a variety of business phone systems that can provide you with the tools you need to provide the right working environment for remote employees. Certain systems, such as 3CX business phone systems, can also present significant savings when compared to traditional or cloud-based subscription business phone systems.

If you are interested in learning more about how the right business phone system can help you and your remote employees, give the business phone solution experts at Document Technologies of Arizona a call at (480) 237-7901 or fill out our online form.